A Handbook on How to Choose Wedding Jewelry

You will never realize the significance of choosing wedding jewelry until it is your turn to decide. It is an essential aspect of the day, and every bride wants to carry something special. It is a matter of showing off your personality, taste, and preferences through such jewelry.

A wedding is a big, big day to you, and you should make sure that every minute detail of your wedding is perfect. You have a lot to think about and a lot of decisions to ‘make. For many brides, choosing wedding jewelry is not an easy job. But don’t worry as we are here for you!

Tips on Choosing Wedding Jewelry for Your Big Day:

With the right accessories, your wedding day will be all you had dreamed of. Follow the tips that we have mentioned here to be the dazzling bride:

Simplicity is never out of fashion: 

Imagine you look at your jewelry box, and you see the first piece that you look at screams “WEDDING!”. It’s tempting to try and choose all of your necklaces and earrings based on what you think might look good together but keep in mind that it could be overkill.

You don’t want your accessories to overwhelm you, so it’s important not to overdo arrangements for the wedding theoretically; here are some recommendations on dodging over accessorizing yourself on your big day:

One tip for how to choose bridal jewelry is to keep it simple and classy. Focus on the earrings, necklace, and bracelet instead of relying heavily on other pieces like hair ornaments and rings!

Don’t go for too many metals:

You don’t want to spoil the look with too many metals, and don’t wear more than two. And that includes choosing wedding jewelry for your ring sets. For a white gown, wear platinum or white gold and avoid other metals throughout the rest of your attire if that is what you’re going for.

For example, if you are trying to compliment a white gown and planning on wearing silver jewelry instead of gold or platinum, make sure it’s because of what color your complementing attire is, not just because you want to wear silver regardless of color.

Focus on your neckline:

Wearing a necklace with a dress doesn’t always have to be easy. If your neckline is cut large or small, it can sometimes be hard to know where on the neck your favorite piece of jewelry should sit.

V-necks and deep plunging necklines might look better with pendant necklaces placed on top of the cut since these pieces are more likely to fall into any openings between the wearer and their garments. Chokers can also work well with sweetheart and strapless styles if paired with longer chain lengths.

How to choose bridal jewelry tip: Remember, no matter the style or type of necklace, layering, or choker, it should remain on top of your skin or just below, not on another layer such as a dress!

Don’t go for too many colors:

A bride’s jewelry should be chosen wisely. She should avoid wearing several different colors, making her look tacky and detract from the elegance of an already stunning look. Keep your accessories to one or two colors to ring out the bride’s inner and outer beauty. A bride should keep in mind while wondering how to choose bridal jewelry to think while selecting the color.

If you are going out with friends to a club or party, it’s fun to wear a piece with your outfit that is not quite right for the wedding itself! But when at the actual ceremony or reception, she should try not to stray too far afield in color palettes because this could add to the overall feeling of cheapness surrounding your wedding day ensemble.

Choosing Wedding Jewelry According to Hairstyle:

Choosing Wedding Jewelry According to Hairstyle:

Choosing the right earrings for your wedding hairstyle can be difficult, and you want to make sure that whatever you choose matches your look to bring out the best in your overall bridal look. The way earrings work with a particular hairstyle is essential because it can affect the impression you give on your big day.

For example, if your wedding dress has an up-do, you will need to focus on other elements of your look, like earrings and necklaces, better compliment everything else in your Hairstyle.

The same is true for a down-do, although you will be looking towards making a different impression altogether – so there are many factors involved when picking what kind of jewelry to wear with any given hairstyle.

Always choose comfort:

One of the essential tips on how to choose bridal jewelry is to keep comfort in mind. It will be an all-day affair; you should pick lightweight pieces. There’s no reason to wear a bulky piece of jewelry that will make you feel uncomfortable on this special day.

Choose something light and easy to carry around with you all day without feeling weighed down by the piece during your big dance. Try picking out different necklaces that can work together, like; a pendant accompanied with a longer strand or an easy choker for those busy moments when intricate designs would get in the way of your fun.

As someone preparing for her wedding, you don’t want to wear something unmanageable – especially on your big day, as it could weigh you down during your favorite activities!


The key to finding the right jewelry for your wedding day is to take your time, find the pieces that are right for you, and enjoy the process. Plus, it never hurts to have someone on your side, helping you make the right choices. Wedding season is in full swing, and it’s time for you to start thinking about your wedding jewelry.

It’s an exciting time as you make one of the most critical decisions on your wedding day. Having the right jewelry will help you feel confident and beautiful as you begin your new life together. We hope this blog post was able to help you in choosing wedding jewelry that not only shows your personality and style but also complements your wedding dress.

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