About Us

Gems Heaven i was established in 1975. We are based in Jaipur ( India ). Jaipur is also known as Pink city. Jaipur is the Manufacturing hub of Gemstones in India. Manufacturing of Gemstones is our Family business from 3 generation and we are  the Leading manufacturer of Precious & Semi-Precious Gemstone. Mainly we are Specialist in Ethiopian Opal Beads and Cut stone. We almost deal in each and every Shape like Rondelle Beads , Round Beads , Tumble or Nuggets and also every shape in cabochons and Faceted Cuts. We are wholesaler of Ethiopian Opal Gemstone and can provide Quantity and Quality of Beads and Cabochons. We provide the best possible Quality to our customers. 

We only deal in Natural Gemstones.


We are manufacturers and usually sell gemstones in Jaipur only to the retailers then they sell to the buyers at high prices. Now as a manufacturer and wholesalers we decided to reach to the customers to whom we can sell Gemstones at a very reasonable price. Our motive is to reach to the ultimate buyers who need Gemstone for Jewelry Setting or Jewelry Making and also they can  make Beaded Necklace. By Online selling of Gemstones we can reach to each and every interested Buyer of Gemstone.


As we are manufacturer and wholesalers , we can supply the best Quality & Quantity of Gemstones to our Buyers at a very reasonable price.